profile-pictureGladys Cuales

I am happy to say that obstacles never kept me back. Or maybe they did, but just for a little while. I have been aspiring to become a Translator for many years and I can finally say that my dream has at last become a reality!

My passion for languages from very young and the gathering of information through the use of languages intrigued me then and still does now. While in school, I would spend part of the vacation time as Assistant Translator to various companies.

Though I went on to university to study Economics, Spanish and Psychology and subsequently started working at an offshore bank dealing with the administration of hedge funds, circumstances in life made it possible for me to stop for a while. And while reconsidering my options, I resolved to use my time and efforts to creating a concept with all the ideas and opportunities available.

I am a native Spanish speaker, Dutch national, born in Colombia. English became my instruction language throughout my academic training and now as a professional.

I thank many good hearted friends who helped me take this concept into effect. My business partner Ariadne Flores-Sophia of ADG Consultancy who kept me motivated and helped me solve several issues; and to those graceful individuals who provided guidance and support in different ways.

I hope to work with you and be able to relate to you through this work and if possible build a lasting business relation with you.

I believe that with conviction and inner strength all things are possible.