A Small Gesture Goes A Long Way

We would like to ask you to please reach out to support our university students in Curacao who are now like busy bees collecting information for their final graduation research projects. If you happen to see ONLINE REQUESTS to fill out questionnaires /surveys, please spare a few minutes of your time to fill them out, this way they can reach the required number of surveys as quickly as possible.

Students often come to us for the content Revision of their thesis, i.e. the final paper, but they go through a rough time collecting and gathering data to complete their research before getting to the finished product and in the spirit of helping others, we want to give them our support through this post.

For them, data sampling needs to be as diverse as possible so they can get a good representation of the variables which they need to measure. Social media is the ideal means for this as it can facilitate samples from people of all walks of life! This is just one component of many requirements which they have to undertake and YOU CAN HELP them out.

On the link below we are including a SURVEY from a student who is currently collecting her data. In this case, she still needs to gather over forty (40) responses. Please take a look and oh, please share with others as well!

Student Questionnaire - Flexi-Life - In English

Before the publication of this post, we also received the following questionnaire in English and Papiamentu. All instructions are provided in the introduction of each questionnaire for your easy reference.

Student Questionnaire for Non-Members of A.C.U. - in Papiamentu

Student Questionnaire for Non-Members of A.C.U. - in English

We hope that this simple initiative and gesture from your part goes a long way.